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Wrapping and Packing Materials

When storing your belongings in a storage unit, even for a short amount of time, make sure they are wrapped in the proper material and wrapped correctly. Wrapping your leather couch in plastic can potentially cause mildew to grow. Leather is a breathable material and therefore needs oxygen; instead, use a thin layer of soft fabric like a cotton sheet or flannel fabric to wrap leather. Also, wrapping items to tight can cause them to warp and change shape, which is why it is important to get educated on wrapping materials and how to pack your items away so they are safe for any amount of time.

Pack First Night Items Separate

The material you’ll need the first night, such as cleaning supplies, should be placed separately, in a transparent plastic bin and should be packed last, so they are the first thing that comes out of the car.

Stack Your Boxes

Always stack the heaviest boxes at the bottom and the lighter ones should always go on top. This protects your lighter items from being damaged during your move. It is always a good rule of thumb to remember to pack boxes as tightly as possible to avoid too much shifting, which could cause breakage as well.

Packing Plates

Rather than stacking plates flat, stack them vertically with foam disposable plates in between each layer. This allows for more plates to fit in the box. Also, when packed vertically, your plates are less likely to bang around during transit and break.

Clear Your House of Unwanted Items

Not only will purging your unwanted or needed belongings feel like a weight is being lifted off your shoulders, but it will save you money during your move. Plus, if you decide to sell them, you could put that money towards your moving expenses.

Plastic Wrap Your Drawers

Don’t feel like unpacking your dresser just to reload it when you move into your new place? Using plastic wrap to wrap your dresser drawers closed when in the moving truck. Your clothes will stay in their drawers and the drawers will stay in the dresser. You can also use the same technique in your kitchen to wrap your silverware in their holder.

Use Wine Cases to Pack Your Glassware

Not only can you get these boxes for free, but these will keep your glasses organized. Just stuff them with newspaper so your glasses don’t break on the commute.

Taking Apart Furniture

If you have to take apart furniture for your move, keep your screws organized and keep them in a labeled plastic Ziploc bag to ensure you have all the pieces you need in one place and nothing gets missed placed.


Take pictures of all your electronics before unplugging them so when it comes time to set them up in your new home, you know exactly which cords go where. Another good rule of thumb, is to keep the cords in a plastic bag tapped to the electronic so you don’t confuse them with another items cords


Pack small jewelry in egg cartons and tape them shut so nothing falls out. If you are packing necklaces, thread the necklace through one end of a straw or toilet paper roll and clasp together to keep them from getting lost or tangled.


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